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2017 – The Dissolution of the American States; End of State Sovereignty


By the start of 2017, it had become clear to both the Legislative and the Judiciary that something was terribly wrong in the White House. On January 2nd, 2017, Chief Justice John Roberts met in private with congressional leaders to discuss the situation. Then, on January 5th, 2017, the Press Secretary announced that there would indeed be a State of the Union address later that month, and most importantly, President Mesbethe planned to make a personal appearance. Since no one had seen Mesbethe in public since he’d taken office in September 2015, this was considered a major change on the part of the Administration (7).

On January 24th, 2017, President Mesbethe was brought to the Capitol Rotunda, and entered the Chamber of the House of Representatives to speak before the members of Congress, as well as the Judiciary Representatives. Senator Ash Schweitzer (I, MD) remembers the entrance of the seldom seen Mesbethe as one of the most surreal moments of his life.

“Of course, with over five hundred of us in one room, there was a dull roar in the air before the President entered. Now, keep in mind that his speech was supposed to start at seven. We got word at eight that he’d finally arrived at the Capitol Building. Ultimately, when the double doors at the back of the Chamber opened, you could hear the boots of the soldiers that Mesbethe had brought with him, all marching in step; the room fell completely silent. Had to have been thirty heavily-armed men, in full body armor, that entered ahead of the President. They moved like a SWAT team, spread out along the aisles; they took up positions like guards would in a prison. I can’t speak for everyone that was there that night, but all of my friends, on both sides of the aisle, got the distinct impression that the soldiers were there to keep us in line. After the area was ‘secured’, Mesbethe came in; you could hear a few uncontrolled gasps when we saw him.

“Gone was the tall, robust man in his early fifties; Mesbethe had lost most of his hair, but what remained dangled off the sides of his head in long, unwashed strands. His beard had grown out, and its unkempt form, also obviously unwashed, covered the bottom of his face, down to his sternum. His suit, which he wore sans shirt or tie, had become far too large for his emaciated form, making him look almost like a small child trying to wear his father’s clothes. But as shocking as all that was, it was his hands that garnered the most attention. His nails had become talons, not only grown out to an unhealthy, impractical length, but sharpened to a point. Those nails looked like they could slit your throat in a heartbeat. And the look in his eyes announced that he was capable of doing so, and would do it without hesitation.”

–Senator Ash Schweitzer (I, MD)

Mesbethes’ speech stunned the Nation. As the President stammered and mumbled incoherently in front of Congress, media outlets that had decided not to carry the speech scrambled to cut into their regular schedules with a live feed of the event. Broadcast internationally, the whole world was witness not only to the true mental state of the American President, but could also testify to seeing Military forces, guns almost leveled at the Legislators, enforcing the quiet control of a man whose sanity had long since lapsed.

Things moved incredibly fast after the Address of January 24th. On the morning of January 25th, 2017, leaders of the House and Senate called for a closed door meeting of a Joint Session of the Congress, which was unprecedented in American History. Documents held at the Center for the Preservation of Historical Fact show that the President was highly aware of the Session taking place, filling three notebooks that morning with everything from unintelligible ramblings and violent scribbles, to deep, desperate pleadings to unknown readers, and vague arguments between himself and some unidentified entity, regarding just ‘how to do it’ (8). Even today, Psychologist and Profilers alike are still studying the thousands of pages filled by President Mesbethe during his time in office. To date, seven separate subsets of personality – all claiming to be Mesbethe – have been identified within his writings.


Behind the scenes, party lines were vanishing as Senate Leadership reached out once again to Chief Justice Roberts, and an ‘off the books’ meeting was scheduled for the evening of January 26th. Fearing for their safety, the Senate Leaders and the Chief Justice bypassed their traditional Secret Service escorts, sending them off with body doubles to ensure their ability to meet without being followed. Sadly, there were informants to the President within the Secret Service ranks, and in moments of plans having been finalized, Mesbethe had all the information he needed to make his move.


The group had decided to meet at the National Cathedral, the selection of which was considered to be both practical and symbolic. Testimony of one of the surviving drivers (9) said that, as the men were traveling to their destination, they quietly discussed how they might soon be seeking the “Sanctuary of the Church”, and “the Separation of Church and State”’ might just “get [them] through the night”. When the men entered the National Cathedral, expecting to meet with Chief Justice Roberts, they found themselves surrounded by a mixture of Military, DC Police, and a few ‘Special Forces’ members on loan from one of the many ‘Private Security Forces’ that had arisen in the Corporate landscape. Bound and gagged with bags placed over their heads, the Senators, as well as the Chief Justice, were loaded into the back of a black armored van.

. .

It would be two days before their bodies were found.

It would be almost two years before the events of that night came to light.


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  • Not even the older populus was spared injury
  • Militarized Police arrest a thirteen year old for sedition
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Murder, Police Actions, and the Corporate Militias


The bodies of the Senators were found dumped on the National Mall, across from the Vietnam Memorial. While certainly not considered to be a secluded area, no one reported seeing anything suspicious, and once again, street cameras were either malfunctioning, turned in the wrong direction, or simply switched off.

Within a few hours of the discovery, Washington D.C. was on lock-down. Mesbethe signed Executive Order 17017, under which the ‘Corporate Militias’ of the time (RXW Corp, the Haeden Group, Blackwell-Stone, etc…) were mass deputized to act on behalf of the United States Department of Homeland Security, adding tens of thousands of Federal, Militarized ‘Corporate Security’ personnel to the streets. After these entities were mobilized, anyone voicing political opposition to the Administration of Mesbethe, or to the overreach of the Administrative Branch, found themselves publicly arrested, and held without charge, for a minimum of twenty-four hours.(10)


For reasons unclear even today, many of those arrested willingly signed statements of intent, admitting to plans of sedition. During the Reformation Hearings of 2022, the political prisoners incarcerated during this time reported that they had no memory of making the statements, or of signing them. Not one of these people were found to be guilty of any crimes against the United States, but all had admitted to them.


And all of them had forgotten.

Announcement of the Federal Union


By March 4th, barely a month after the State of the Union Address, Mesbethe was once again standing in front of the People. By then, over one hundred twenty thousand citizens had been detained under the Executive Order, with just under half of those released to corporate workshops. The remaining seventy-five thousand people remained incarcerated until the Reformation. 


On Wednesday, March 14th, 2017, Mesbethe called together members of the Media and the Legislative branches on the East Lawn, for a ‘Special Announcement’. Considering Mesbethes’ performance in January, no one was sure what to expect. Only a dozen Senators and Representatives had been invited, and, since the assassination of President Whills, along with almost four dozen deaths of journalist and crew, media numbers at the White House had been kept purposefully low.  When President Mesbethe arrived for the event, he had an audience of just over fifty people (11).


This time, Mesbethe had cleaned up a bit. His hair was washed and cut, and his suit had been tailored and pressed. The unkempt beard had been trimmed to a neat goatee. But as reassuring as it was to see at least the appearance of normalcy in the President, he still sported the thick, sharpened talons he’d displayed to the World in late January. As Mesbethe approached the podium, men in black body armor, armed with shields and  Automatic Weapons, encircled the group that had been gathered together.


What he had to say would change the course of American History forever.


Spirals of razor wire and barbed wire limit access to one of Detroit's abandoned buildings—Michigan Central Station. The focus in the image is on the razor wire and the image has a dark and desaturated tone. The large columns and detailed architecture of the building are visible behind the fence.

Mesbethes’ statement, while coherent this time,  was one of the shortest in recorded Presidential History.


“Under the power allotted to me by the Articles of the 28th Amendment, and in an effort to support the people of the United States, as written in Executive Order 17197, I hereby declare all Federally held property, developed or undeveloped, to fall under the direct control of the Federal Government. Under the Guidelines of Eminent Domain, the properties adjacent to the aforementioned property will be taken for public use, and their owners will be compensated with jobs, housing and food, as so ordered in Executive order 15713, and also supported by the 28th Amendment.”(12)


With one swift stroke, Mesbethe had effectively superseded the Authority of the States on almost half of their territory.  And the worst was still to come.