The Greater Depression
2009 – 2020

The Greater Depression was only identified as such long after the economic downturn had spiraled too far out of control to quickly fix the problems. Indeed, many historians look back on this time period and see that, in addition to the political turmoil in the United States, Russia and China, …[read more]

The Dissolution of the Sovereign States of America

(from the 28th Amendment)
“Section 5. The Congress and the Administrative shall have power to enforce, by appropriate Legislation or Executive Order, the provisions of this article.”

The corruption of the 28th Amendment was well planned, and absolute…

The Reformation of the Union

With the departure of President Mesbethe, the Administrative Branch of Government completely collapsed. What remained of the Legislative and the Judiciary stepped in, and, taking a gamble by invoking the provisions laid out by the original Declaration of Independence, they convened the New Continental Congress, in an attempt to rebuild what had been lost.

Why Trust the CPHF ?

Sanctioned in the Reformation

During the Reformation of 2022, partisan politics were finally laid aside, so a new, truly representative government could be formed. The Center for the Preservation of Historical Fact grew from a Congressional mandate, that was included in Article 77 of the Declaration of Reorganization.

Over 30 years of Experience

Since day one, the CPHF has taken it’s mission head on. We realize the importance of the population receiving an unfiltered, factual delivery of information, be it foreign or domestic. At the CPHF, partisan politics has no place, and no voice. We tell you both views of the story, and offer you all the resources you need to make an informed decision for yourself.


Created by a Mandate of the New Continental Congress of 2022, the Center for the Preservation of Historical Fact has painstakingly reconstructed the events that led to the dissolution of the union, the reformation, and all unredacted historical data before and since the reformation of 2022. CPHF is a trusted and well-respected institution, constantly working to earn the trust of the voting population.

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Intensive Archivist Programs

The Center strives for excellence and accuracy. All documentation is painstakingly checked against other records, to ensure a complete and factual representation of the past.

Professional Staff

Here at The Center, we accept only the most dedicated, credentialed experts for our staff. You will not find a more qualified team of professionals gathered anywhere else.

Digital Archives

Access to the Digital Archives of CPHF is provided free to the public. Our data security surpasses anything else in the industry, preventing any ability to tamper with information.

Congressional Mandate

Created by a Mandate of the New Continental Congress of 2022, CPHF is a trusted and well-respected institution, constantly working to earn the trust of the voting population.

Physical Archives

All original, physical documents (media, audio, etc…) are kept in secured, environmentally controlled vaults, ensuring that the original sources cannot be lost or modified.

It is our Duty, and our Honor, to serve you, the People of the United States of America

After the events of the Greater Depression, and the chaos that grew from those times,
it is our Pledge to provide facts, transparency, and honesty not only of the unwashed
History of America, but current events as well.


D E Dykes

President, Lead Archivist

Mr. Dykes was a young adult during the horrors of the Greater Depression, and the political upheaval of the Dissolution, and Civil Conflict that followed. He has made it his life’s work to accurately chronicle these events.

Robin Samualson

Principal Investigator

Growing up in the Corporate Work Camps, Samualson watched his family worked to death. Reaching eighteen, he struck out from the work sites only to discovered that America didn’t know the reality of the camps. He vowed to give truth a voice.

Dr. Fiona McAllister

Chair, Sociology Division

Born after the Reformation, Dr. McAllister was always fascinated at, in retrospect, how the American People had been so easily manipulated. Her specialty is tying historical events to the cultural and social motivations of the time.

Sylvia Rodriguez

Chair, Historical Anthropology

Rodriguez watched Corporate Forces execute her father for ‘internal terrorism’. Knowing he was innocent, Rodriguez has worked tirelessly to clear the names of the thousands who were brutally executed during the Civil Unrest and Dissolution.