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White House Down: The Fall of Mesbethe


Finally, after years of oppression and tyranny, a plan was made to infiltrate the White House, and either Capture or Kill Mesbethe. In the early hours of May 2nd, 2020, the combined Special Forces teams made their way to the grounds of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and began quietly subduing the guards at the perimeter wall. With their training proving to be nearly perfect, the entire outer grounds of the White House were secured before the alarm was sounded by an aerial drone.


Militia soldiers from the BLACKWELL-STONE and HAEDEN poured out of the White House, along with a sizeable number of drones and other hi-tech killing machines.  In what has become known as the Battle on the White House Green, technology was put to a decisive test against human training and adaptability. In the end, fewer than three-hundred of America’s Best held their ground against over a thousand militia troops, and over one hundred Sentries, Drones, and automated snipers, allowing the “Forty-Seven” (18) to access the West Wing.


The “Forty Seven”

(Author’s Note: We kindly ask that you take a moment to pause, and offer a minute of Silence in honor of the Forty-seven men and women who lost their lives when the White House fell, so our country could be reborn, and we could be free)


While American forces held the line against the militias, the forty-seven selected specialist infiltrated the White House. Since no one on this elite strike team survived, we have only their body camera and radio recordings to document the events. The now famous archived footage shows just how far into madness Mesbethe had slipped; there were traps and explosives around every corner, and once inside, the Forty Seven found themselves under more enemy fire than they had on the green. It is important to note that had these men and women not removed the special body armor from the Militia members captured in the pre-dawn hours of the raid, and donned the equipment themselves, it is unlikely any of them would have made it past the main rotunda. (19)


Upon entering the West Wing offices of the White House, Mesbethe was spotted running naked from room to room, barricading himself behind tables and desk, and shooting a water pistol at the advancing troops. While Mesbethe himself may not have been armed, the rooms of the West Wing had been set up with booby traps of every kind. Everything from small ‘Dirty bombs’ that splattered nuclear waste material across the soldiers, to automatic rifles that opened fire when doors were opened, and even bear traps, had been spread throughout the wing. Archivist at the CPHF, having studied the surviving footage for decades, have counted no less than seven hundred different forms of traps, bombs, and jury-rigged firearms spread throughout the area. Even with the modified body armor and high-powered weapons, twenty-five of the forty-seven didn’t make it to the Oval Office, either succumbing to wounds, or passing out from poisoning, loss of blood, or some other form of injury. It has been said that the level of brutality and sheer viciousness that the Forty-Seven endured rivaled the most violent, hateful events in human history. No fewer than four of the Forty Seven suffered slow dismemberment due to being trapped by ‘people-eating’ machines that even the Corporate Militias thought were too brutal to put on the field. If you would like more of the details on the Forty Seven, please visit the archive at CPHF.ORG for more information.



Mesbethe’s Last Stand


The remaining members of the Forty-Seven entered the Oval Office at 10:22 am, finding it devoid of traps and weapons.  Only the Presidential Desk remained in the room, and sitting behind it, still naked, was Mesbethe. On the desk in front of him was the water gun he’d used to ‘attack’ the soldiers. Looking at the plastic weapon, Mesbethe chuckled, saying, “Looks like I’m out of ammo”.  But, as the soldiers moved forward to take him into custody, Mesbethe pulled a small metal tube, with a red plunger on one end, from the desk drawer.


“Oops; looks like I was wrong.” With this, Mesbethe pushed the button, detonating powerful explosives he had placed within his own body (20).


The entire West Wing of the White House was utterly destroyed in the blast, along with Mesbethe, the Forty-Seven, and many of the armed forces on the grounds outside. But with Mesbethe gone, the Country could not only grieve, but rebuild.